The typical products from Abruzzo

Abruzzo is a region rich on products, which offers a desirable culinary variety. The transhumance patrimony characterizes their products from the mountains and the coast: bread, cheese, meat and wine are pillars of the enogastronomic heritage from Abruzzo. On the top of this we need to add the well known products: “Confetti from Sulmona”, “Saffron from Navelli”, “Sheep Arrosticini”, the “Carrots from Ficino” and the “Lentils from Santo Stefano di Sessanio”. According to recent studies, more and more foreigners who visit Italy placed food from Abruzzo at top of Italian cuisine.

Cheese and meat can be considered pillars as they are the products which have determined the taste and habits of generations.

Among cheeses we can point out the “Caciovallo abruzzese”, the “Caciotta vaccina frentana”, “Cheese and ricotta di stazzo”, “Giuncatella abruzzese”, “Incanestrato di Castel del Monte”, and the “Pecorino” in its four versions. Besides those, we have the “Seasoned sheep ricotta” and the classic “scamorze”.

Talking about meet, you can find “Guanciale”, “Lonza”, “Mucischia”, “Mortadella di Campotosto”, “Coglioni di mulo”, “Porchetta abruzzese” and “Salsicce” made of meat or liver, with oil, honey or cooked and pressed wine.

The region offers endless products, not all of them present in our lists which only pretend to give a general idea of how vast the Abruzzese territory is.

The Tartufo is one of the symbols of the tradition of the region, used by shepherds during the elaboration of Pecorino. Only in Abruzzo we can find 27 versions of tartufo. The ones from Mangiabruzzo have a quality difficult to find in products offered by other companies in the market.

The Tartufo can also be use for the preparation of first dish as “Tagliatelle al Tartufo” or as a spice. To learn more about the multiple use of the Tartufo visit our section “Recipes”. A real gastronomic specialty that for sure deserves a taste for who visits Abruzzo is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil seasoned with Tartufo.

The culture of food in Abruzzo is the result of the relationship between his population and the natural products that they
produce, following recipes and family traditions keeping in food and flavor the memories of the past.

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