Origin of products

The inside Abruzzo is the inspiration of our products. The corner of land born at the feet of the Majella and the Morrone which extends through the Valle Peligna and the surrounding territories.

The climate and the structure of the soil make this land unique.

Between the world wide famous abruzzesi products we find the classic “confetti” and “agliorosso” from Sulmona, the “oily saffron” mainly from Navelli´s heights, the “sheep arrosticini”, the “spaguettichitarra”, and the prestigious Montepulciano wine.

The products from “Mangiabruzzo” are made and prepared with exclusively local elements.

The transhumance is one the pillars of the abruzzese culinary culture.

The main product from the transhumance is the cheese, basic aliment for the shepherds who travelled with their flocks looking for pastures to get the unique flavor of their products. Today the “pecorino” cheese of Mangiabruzzo is made with the same techniques, making sure the cheese has the same characteristics of the transhumance product.

On top of the cheese there are several produtcs that are identifyes with the Abruzzo´s internal area, starting from the famous “tartufi”

The “Tartufo” is a rare mushroom considered an exquisite delicatessen around the world. It grows in the humid soil between the roots of oaks, elm and pines.

The consumption of swain meat represents one of the characteristics of the culinary culture of the Italian population established in Abruzzo, where nowadays all products keep the quality of the local tradition.

The list of dishes that can be prepared with the Abruzzese meat is endless. We will try to give you a hand to learn how to prepare the most famous recipes. Mangiabruzzo meat is raised and made in Valle Peligna.

We have presented three typical products from Abruzzo and now is the turn of our readers/consumers to discover the history and culture of this amazing region.

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