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Rosa canina (better known as Dog Rose) is one of the many wild rose species common in the Italian countryside, especially in the Apennine Mountains. It is high in vitamin C, tannins, pectins, carotenoids, organic acids and polyphenols. The active ingredient in concentrated form is obtained from the small fruit (rose hips) of the flower and is one of the most highly concentrated natural sources of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) with levels 300-400 times higher than in that of carrots and 50-100 times than in that of citrus fruits (100gr of rose hips are as high in vitamin C as 1 kilo of citrus fruits). This gives them the power to invigorate the body’s immune system.

Bioflavonoids, which are present in the pulp and the peel of the hips, work together with vitamin C to assist the body in assimilating nutrients.

Unlike animals, humans are not able to synthesize vitamin C so they require it as part of their nutrition. Modern lifestyles, industrial pollution, the use of electronics, and smoking tobacco are all factors that increase the need for vitamin C so that a supplement is necessary even for those already in very good health.


* Rich in vitamins – helpful for fighting stress. Great cure for exhaustion and fatigue. Recommended during convalescence.

* Anti-inflammatory  – known for invigorating the body’s immune system and fighting against infections, particularly against colds.

* Improves blood circulation.

* Anti-allergic – having the power to prevent respiratory allergies. It can work as an antihistamine enhancing the activity of cortisone produced by the body.

* Anti-oxidant – possesses anti-toxic and anti-pollution effects. Vitamin C has purifying and detoxifying properties. Smokers should consume 25 mg of vitamin C for each cigarette they smoke. Therefore rosa canina replaces the amount of vitamin C lost through smoking tobacco and helps to reduce nicotine addiction.

* Increases iron absorption in the intestine.

* Maintains  a good cholesterol level in the blood.

* Contributes to hemoglobin production in bone marrow.

* Activates vitamin B9 (folic acid).

* Diuretic – helpful in increasing the excretion of toxins together with the production of urine without irritating the kidneys.

* Astringent – tannins, which have astringent properties, are useful in recovery from diarrhea.

* Prevents cross-linking in old age.

According to Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, vitamin C in high doses can also prevent and aid in fighting cancer.




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