Europe and the typical products of Abruzzo

For many years now the European Union is promoting a policy that defends products and goods coming from areas with unfair competition actions.

Almost once every two European citizens is worried about the type of food that he eats and today the safety controls in the food production and distribution are very frequent.

As an example in July 2004 the Europian Commision took to court the issue “Parmesan” because Germany was not respecting the roots and the tradition of the “Parmigiano Reggiano” using the name “Parmesan” for a completely different product than the Parmigiano – Reggiano DOP and its caracteristics. This is just an example of the practices of some non-Italian companies which use denomination of authenticity with no control just to increase their revenue.

Today the consumer is more careful in the selection of what he is eating and the importance of an old and daily subject such as “Diet” is increasing a lot in the latest years.

In the last years the European Union has established two level of identification: DOP and IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta). The acronym DOP ( Denominazione di Orgine Protetta) to expand the safeguard of the National trademark DOC ( Denominazione di Origine Controllata) to the all Europe and world.

The DOP trademark points out a product original from a region or a city with unique qualities and characteristics, due to a particular geographical environment together with the traditional manufacture of the actual product.

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