The region of Abruzzo is the inspiration of our products. The corner of land born at the feet of the Majella and the Morrone which extends through the Valle Peligna and the surrounding territories


  • Courgette Carbonara

    Courgette Carbonara includes courgettes for a summer twist. Courgettes are a watery summer vegetable rich in minerals. This recipe version, invented by Cuococciaro typical Abruzzo, is called ‘Carbococciara’ and differs from the original recipe as well as by replacing pancetta or

  • Antioxidant Rich Summer Fruits and Vegetables

    Stay healthy and add more antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables to your diet this summer- from peppers to black berries- to protect your body from stress caused by free radicals. Mangiabruzzo picked some of the most rich antioxidant summer foods

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    Abruzzo’s Pastoral Cheese on Toast

    We were sent this recipe by our organic cheese-making friends at La Porta dei Parchi, in response to a request we had for an Abruzzo Cheese recipe. The enquiry was from a lady in the US who is writing an

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    Jams MangiAbruzzo: Rosa Canina

    Rosa canina (better known as Dog Rose) is one of the many wild rose species common in the Italian countryside, especially in the Apennine Mountains. It is high in vitamin C, tannins, pectins, carotenoids, organic acids and polyphenols. The active

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